Drawing before he could ride a big boy bike, Jon has always had a passion for all things creative. At age 5 he made the pivotal and excruciating choice of a career in art over digging up dinosaurs. He loved dinosaurs but he decided if he could never ride one then what's the point.

Throughout school, Art, Recess, P.E. and Lunch were his 4 favorite subjects (in that order). Always on top of his game, he only had his older brother to push his artistic abilities.

Shoe customization was introduced to him at a young age. Joining forces with his brother, the pair molded the genre into an artform. Designing insoles, tongue tags, and shoes, switched his focus from art to design.

Throughout his professional training he was told design was not art, but deep down he knew design was art with its business suit on. His time spent with the amazingly talented professionals at Iowa State University molded all of his artistic background into the illustrator and designer he is today.

Don't hesitate to email questions, comments, and projects, to Jon@JonnyRaygun.com